Journal & Portfolio of Chris Garrett, Product Director

Written on 17 January 2015

Vagrant, Development environments made easy

Automating our development provisioning for fun and profit

One of the most frustrating phenomenons I’ve experienced overtime is the on-boarding of new developers with a team.

The constant battle, spilling over days, of getting all the right dependencies in place for every project. It’s a headache. With Beatroot, I wanted to take this hassle away, and after a little research and repurposing of our production configuration process, managed to get on-boarding down to a single command…

I covered the whole process, and what was required, in my Medium article A Polished Gem without the Friction.

Written on 1 September 2014

A screenshot of our Github scraper UI

Geek hiring, or how we built our own Cerebro

Finding and hiring talent was one of the biggest challenges Abstraktion faced over it’s 3 year life span. This established a belief, in my mind, that the majority of the North West’s developer’s favoured PHP. We started to think of South Manchester based Ruby developers as Unicorns.

One of the first R&D projects we under took at Beatroot was a simple scrape and geo-index of local developer profiles from Github. We thought we would use the results to guide our stack choice for our core services. Not only did the results help us dispell untruths about the North West dev scene, they also helped us establish a “talent pipeline”.

You can read more about our approach in my Medium article, Building our own Cerebro.

Written on 30 August 2014

Abstraktion Office at Night

Good-bye World…

Abstraktion was a UK based digital product development company. We worked hard, had fun and delivered game-changing applications for brands like Universal Music, Domino Records, Spotify, The BBC, Channel 4, Toyota and Google.

In 2014 we closed our doors to start a new journey, Beatroot. This is our retrospective…

To serve as some form of legacy for what Abstraktion did and achieved, I will be using the Abstraktion moniker as my own portfolio and journal going forward, showcasing and documenting our journey into startup life.

You can read some of our original thoughts and the process of our transition in my Medium article, Change is the end result of all true learning.

Written on 25 August 2014